ARA Research Community Survey

The ARA wireless living lab is the fourth PAWR platform funded by the National Science Foundation, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the PAWR Industry Consortium. It is a community platform to drive research, education, and innovation in rural broadband. 

The ARA Project Team would like to request the community’s help in identifying the technologies, experiments, and use cases that are of interest to the research endeavors led by the broad community. Your input through this survey will be invaluable in helping maximize the utility of ARA to the community and is highly appreciated.  The survey is accessible via this following link:

For your reference, the First ARA Research Community Workshop was held at the end of June 2021. The presentations and recordings of the workshop can be found at . In particular, an overview of the ARA project can be found at  

As a gentle reminder, you are most welcome to join the ARA initiative, and please refer to for details.  

If you may have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to the ARA Research Working Group at

Call for Participation

Using ARA

As an advanced rural wireless living lab, ARA expects to support research, education, and innovation in wireless, rural broadband, broadband applications (e.g., agriculture, education, transportation, public safety, community services), as well as their real-world, experimental pilots. Interested in co-shaping the development and use of ARA with other users and the project team? Please join the ara-users Google group. To reach out to the ARA project team, please email

Partnering with ARA Project Team

The ARA initiative is championed by the ARA project team and a broad consortium of ARA partners from academia, industry, communities, and government who are collaborating to not only address the rural broadband challenge but also leverage rural broadband as an opportunity for wireless research and innovation as well as rural community and economic development. Intrigued by this vision? Join us to redefine rural broadband as well as community and economic development!

Hosting ARA Wireless Equipment

ARA is expected to provide advanced wireless coverage for any locations within about 6 miles range from any of the ARA sites shown in the ARA deployment map, and we are looking for volunteers to host ARA equipment at select locations to support experimental pilots, research, education, and innovation. Interested in trying out advanced ARA broadband systems and supporting rural broadband research, education, and innovation? Please fill in this ARA hosting form. If you may have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at

Joining the ARA Project Team

Interested in joining ARA and related projects as a postdoc, research scientist, engineer, manager, or student please check out WiCI career.