We are excited to share that the ARA PAWR platform has successfully completed most of its Phase-1 development, and it is now ready for supporting research experiments in 5G-and-beyond technologies and their applications in domains such as agriculture automation and XR-based EdTech. Please find below a list of unique experimental studies feasible at ARA:

  • Long-distance, high-capacity wireless x-haul systems ranging from microwave (11GHz) to mmWave (70-80 GHz) and free space optical communications (194THz);
  • TVWS massive MIMO systems with programmable production-quality implementation;
  • Open-source, fully-programmable SDR-based 5G systems with O-RAN support;
  • State-of-the-art Ericsson 5G massive MIMO and mmWave systems;
  • Advanced wireless applications in domains such as agriculture automation and XR-based EdTech;
  • Translational research through engagement with 65+ public-private partners of ARA across diverse communities and industries as well as the OPERA open-source ecosystem for advanced wireless and rural broadband.

We plan to start the ARA beta test early May, and we expect to release ARA to the broad community around this summer. We will organize a webinar during 12:30am – 1:30pm CT on Friday, May 5th to share the latest status of ARA and to discuss the beta test and other activities open for community participations. Registration for the webinar is accepted here by 12pm CT Thursday, May 4th.

For developing ARA living lab activities to best serve the broad community, your help with responding to this short survey at your earliest convenience (and, if possible, Tuesday, May 9th) will be invaluable and greatly appreciated.