Overview of ARA-Enabled Research

Through its unique rural deployment in research and producer farms, grain mills, biorefineries, and a constellation of rural communities and school districts, by including ag ground vehicles and robots, and by using state-of-the-art long-distance, high-throughput wireless x-haul radios as well as SDRs and COTS wireless access equipment, ARA is a first-of-its-kind, real-world wireless experimental infrastructure for smart and connected rural  communities. By supporting fundamental communication services (e.g., ultra-reliable, low-latency wireless for safety-critical control and XR) that are shared across rural and urban applications (e.g., transportation), ARA enables field investigations of research questions that are of generic interest to rural and urban communities but are difficult to conduct in urban settings in early phases of the exploration. For instance, wireless-networked, safety-critical teleoperation of ground and aerial vehicles are better field-tested in open agriculture farms before their field tests and deployments in complex, crowded urban environments. 

The figure below summarizes a subset of the ARA features and the enabled research. We expect many more research use cases to be invented by the communities thanks to the programmability and flexibility of ARA. 

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