2021 Research Community Workshop

Please register via https://forms.gle/3mshWUh5G9xLQzgQ7 by June 25th. Questions/suggestions may be directed to research@arawireless.org.

Webex Meeting Information:

Meeting link: https://iastate.webex.com/iastate/j.php?MTID=m249b981e3c682b41359916c088298fac
Meeting number: 138 163 7073
Password: ara-workshop

Workshop Program

Day 1: June 30th 8am-10:30am PDT  (Recording)

Opening Session (20 minutes) 

ARA overview (85 minutes) 

Questions & Answers (40 minutes)

Submit questions via Webex Q&A by “Ask All Cohosts“.

Plan for Day 2 (5 minutes)

Day 2: July 1st 8am-10:30 am PDT  

Introduction (5 minutes)

Lightning talks (40mins) (Recording)

Breakout Sessions (70 minutes)
The objective of the breakout sessions is to identify ARA-enabled applications and experiments, and the required ARA design, features, technologies and experimentation support.

  • Breakout Session #1: Network systems (research) – Chair: Ahmed Kamal, Scribe: Yong Guan
  • Breakout Session #2: Applications: agriculture, education, transportation etc (research)  – Chair: Daji Qiao, Scribe: Mai Zheng

Break (10 minutes)

Breakout report-back & discussions (30 minutes) (Recording)

Concluding remarks and next steps (5 minutes)